Your Quote, Terms and Conditions


The quote you receive from Crystal Pools Limited remains valid for six months. Upgrades asked for, will attract more expense for obvious reasons.

The 10% deposit is payable when you the client are sure you want to employ Crystal Pools Limited to build your pool. 10% is not a high deposit. This 10% deposit shows good will to Crystal Pools Limited that the company will be employed to build your pool. 

From the moment Crystal Pools Limited receives the deposit, you the client are placed into the diary. Pulling out of the contract at the last minute means the deposit is not refundable, because of loss of income. 

All payments should be made within 7 days.

The 50% payment is due after the concrete shell is in place. 

The 35% payment is due after everything is complete, except the pool plaster and the starting of your pool. The pool will not be plastered until  this 35% has been paid.
The final 5% payment is due after the pool equipment has successfully been started, and is working as it should. Unpaid bills will attract interest at 10% per each month late. E.g. $1000 dollars will incur $100 per month interest. All pool pump shed equipment belongs to Crystal Pools Limited until the final bill has been paid. After three months of unpaid bills, the pump equipment will be repossessed.

All workmanship and equipment will be replaced or made correct for a two year period, from the time the pool is started. This guarantee is not for damages by other parties. Example, pool pipe work is covered in this guarantee. But if concrete is laid over the pipes, by others, no guarantee is given on pipe work underneath the concrete. Often builders will puncture the pipes and the blame goes falsely to the pool builder. Crystal Pools Limited writes out a PS3 form, kept on council records. This ps3 form, and general pool guarantees, will be held back if the client unilaterally holds back money.

The pool shell, if it cracks, (never had one crack to date, these concrete pools are solid and can be filled with water sitting on top of the lawn.) will be covered by the engineers indemnity insurance. The engineer writes out a PS4 form at the completion of the job, kept on council records. This is a statement in effect saying, "The engineer, who has a New Zealand registered qualification, and a council recognized number, has duly inspected this pool engineering, and the pool has been built to those specifications by Crystal Pools Limited."

If you as the client are not happy with this arrangement then you can arrange a private insurance policy. Crystal Pools Limited also has public liability insurance for 1m dollars. This does not cover natural disasters.
If a dispute arises they are normally solved with common sense, on site, by talking. If an unreasonable position is reached by either party, mediation should be conducted. The contractor takes a lot of care to get issues correct on site. However sometimes an issue may arise. Issues that need attention should not stop payment at the completion of the pool. All relevant issues will be sorted out. And  the final payment is not to be held back if people are actually swimming and using the pool. If its good enough to use the pool it is only fair to pay the instalments as asked. 


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