Terms of Trade

The terms of trade for Crystal pools are made clear on the quote. A 10% deposit of the total quoted price is required when the quote has been agreed upon by both parties.
The next payment is due after the concrete structure of the pool is in place, this payment is 50% of the total.
 The next payment is due after the tiles coping, plumbing, pump shed and lights are completed, 30% of the total.
 Leaving the balance of 10% when the pool is up and running. This payment is due when people are swimming.
 If the pool is being used the final payment is due. Even if small issues are to be dealt with the final 10% should be paid. Some pools take time to settle down, there maybe a drip in a pipe or a small issue to deal with, this does not warrant non payment of the final 10% which represents a large portion of the overall profit. These issues will be dealt with.


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